Can CBD cause a positive drug test?

Full spectrum CBD tinctures, by law, contain less than 0.3% THC. This low level will not cause a positive drug test after a few doses; however, over time, particularly with high CBD doses, the metabolite of THC drug screens measure can build up to levels high enough to cause a positive result.

Why are people less than 19 years old told to avoid THC?

From birth to adolescence, the brain undergoes “remodeling” in the nerve connections in the brain where some are pruned and others constructed. THC modifies the function of the glial cells responsible for this function and may affect normal remodeling.

Can i take hemp or CBD flower internationally?

t’s almost always highly illegal. In many countries, they either do not distinguish between the consumption of high THC flower and low THC flower, others consider hemp to be well below the Federal 0.3 % THC cutoff point. Not to mention it is often considered trafficking by many countries to bring what they consider illegal

Cannabis and the 5 sacred plants.

In the Vedas ( large body of ancient Hindu texts) Cannabis is named as one of the 5 sacred or holy plants, known as a Bhesaja, or drug for medical purposes. Cannabis is not confined to Medical use, but spiritual use of Cannabis is also common in the Hindu religion, many believing that it helps

Cryo Cure Cannabis

The flowers of a fresh cannabis plant are beautiful and have a very strong scent; however, they are not that great to smoke or vape. The high water content makes combustion difficult and dry herb vaporization becomes “wet” herb vaporization limiting the cannabinoids and terpenes released from the plant. The cannabis flower you get from

Hops: The Cannabis that never was

Do you ever wonder why even after just 1 beer you already feel relaxed? While many chalk it all up to being the alcohol, much of the effects can be attributed to the terpenes that hops has. In fact, it is believed that Cannabis and Hops split from a common ancestry around 29 million years

Cannabis Facts and History: The Terpene King of Persia

Cyrus the Great (officially Cyrus II of Persia) is best known for freeing the Jewish people from Babylonian captivity and letting them resettle their homeland, even being given the title Messiah, making him the only non-jewish person to be given this title. Cyrus also was a fan of terpenes and believed in its health benefits.

Do wild animals eat Cannabis?

Some do, rodents will naw on them, while deer and rabbits will eat it if other sources of food are scarce. However often times domesticated animals such as dogs or cats will eat Cannabis plants, perhaps their owners use it.

Is Secondhand Water Pipe Cannabis Smoke Worse Than Tobacco Smoke?

An article published in the JAMA Network Open website on March 30, 2020 has been receiving a lot of interest lately. The article, titled “Fine Particulate Matter Exposure From Secondhand Cannabis Bong Smoking” [ https://jamanetwork.com/…/jamanetwo…/fullarticle/2790510] examines the question. Secondhand tobacco smoke (SHTS) has been implicated as a causal link to cancer, respiratory and cardiovascular diseases,