Rainmaker- Bold Cultivation

Rainmaker- THCA16.8%. THC1.21%. CBDA 0.064%. CBD 0%. CBGA 0.30%. LABEL TOTALS: THC 14.4% CBD 0.051%. High THC and low CBD with the presence of CBG would make this appropriate for patients with arthritis, insomnia, PTSD and nerve pain. The historical terpene profile typical for this strain shows myrcene, β-caryophyllene and limonene dominanc suggesting that it

Queen Mother Gogi- Bold Cultivation

Queen Mother Gogi-THCA 18.7%. THC 0.71%. CBDA 0.089%. CBD 0%. CBGA 0.20%. CBG 0%. LABEL TOTALS: THC 15.4% CBD 0.07%. Queen Mother Gogi is a primarily THC strain with CBG. The terpene analysis is not provided and little historical terpene information is available. I would expect this to be myrcene dominant based on seed lineage

Purple Badlands- Bold Cultivation

Purple Badlands- THCA 15.1%. THC 0.84%. CBDA 0.032%. CBD 0.075%. CBGA 0.28%. CBG 0.111%. LABEL TOTALS: THC 12.6% CBD 0.093%. Terpene profiles are unavailable and there is not much historical information on this strain available but this hybrid is likely one of the more terpene rich strains based on seed lineage. Probably a good choice

Papa Kush

Papa Kush- Osage Creek Cultivation- THCA 18.3%. THC 3.9%. CBDA 0.038%. CBD 0.144%. CBGA 0.33%. CBG 0%. CBN 0.051%. LABEL TOTALS: THC 17.7% CBD 0.158%. LABEL TOTALS: THC 17.7% CBD 0.158%. THC dominant with CBG and trace CBD show in the Papa Kush analysis. No terpene profile was performed and there is little historical information.

OG Kush-

OG Kush-THCA 20%. THC 2.7%. CBDA 0.079%. CBD 0%. LABEL TOTALS: THC 18.1% CBD 0.062%. Terpene and extended cannabinoid analysis unavailable. A high THC and trace CBD strain, the terpenes previously reported in this cultivar show myrcene, caryophyllene, limonene and linalool dominance which suggests a sedating strain useful for depression, muscle spasms, headaches, PTSD and

OG9- Bold Cultivation

OG9- THCA 21%. THC 0.97%. CBDA 0.043%. CBD 0%. CBGA 0.23%. LABEL TOTALS: THC 17.4% CBD 0.033%. Terpene analysis demonstrates β-caryophyllene dominance with significant β-humulene, limonene and myrcene present A THC dominant strain with little CBD but significant CBG. This strain should be fairly well tolerated as the terpene profile should counter some of the

Mimosa- Bold Cultivation

imosa- THCA 17.3%. THC 0.72%. CBDA 0.038%. CBD 0.080%. CBGA 0.23%. CBG 0%. LABEL TOTALS: missing data. No terpene analysis is available but historically this strain is β-caryophyllene and limonene dominant.This strain would be good for people with migraine headaches, gastric disorders, depression, nerve pain and breakthrough pain. Good CBG levels make it a consideration

Member Berry-

Member Berry-THCA 21%. THC 1.82%. CBDA 0.079%. LABEL TOTALS: THC 18.0% CBD 0.062%. Terpene and extended cannabinoid analysis unavailable. Previous terpene analysis of this strain, if I ‘member correctly, shows limonene and linalool dominance which accounts for the reputation of the strain being initially energizing then relaxing. Should be a strain that is not very

Mandarin Temple-

Mandarin Temple-THCA 25%. THC 1.17%. CBDA 0.052%. CBD 0%. LABEL TOTALS: THC 21% CBD 0.042%. Terpene and extended cannabinoid analysis unavailable. A high THC and low CBD cultivar, Mandarin Temple is a strain without much historical information available. An extended cannabinoid and terpene profile is needed to give specific recommendations. Seed lineage suggests myrcene and

Lemon Star Haze- Bold Cultivation

Lemon Star Haze- THCA 17.85. THC 0.75%. CBDA 0.04%. CBD 0.22%. CBGA 0.82%. CBG 0.07%. THCV 0.18%. ∆8-THC 0.185. LABEL TOTALS: THC 16.3% CBD 0.26%. The terpene profile for this strain is β-caryophyllene dominant with with β-humulene secondary. The cannabinoid mix in Lemon Star Haze appears to make it an excellent all around medication for