CBD or " CBD "

The Problem

There is a real problem with CBD. The cannabinoid is fine, the problem is in the industry. There are studies showing only about a third of the CBD samples bought online had CBD levels which matched the stated concentrations, a third with little, if any, CBD and the rest over the labeled amount. With a huge and expanding market to pursue, many companies are producing CBD. Some are excellent products. But with no regulations as to labeling accuracy, the charlatans come out to take advantage leaving patients and the conscientious CBD manufactures in a strange place. The patients need a trusted source for CBD and every manufacturer claims to be the real deal.

I have had patients who have used CBD oil and had absolutely no response. The results after they used a brand I knew to be legitimate were quite different. Had this patient not been informed that her CBD might be nothing other than cooking oil, she would have never tried the real thing and dismissed a helpful medication as useless.

One Solution

CBD products from three different manufacturers were obtained. Steep Hill Labs, who do the testing for medical cannabis in Arkansas, performed cannabinoid profiles. I have reviewed and interpreted the analysis for you. The full reports are also posted for complete transparency. In this manner, I hope to compile and maintain a list of "Trusted Brands" so you can avoid the bunk and know for sure that you are using a proper CBD medication. See The Results The results for the first CBD products tested are available here.

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