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Medical Cannabis and the Second Amendment

The US Court of Appeals ruled last week that the schedule I classification (meaning cannabis, like heroin, has no medical value and a high risk of abuse and addiction) petitions to the DEA to reschedule cannabis must be acted on "with adequate dispatch." The DEA has a long history of delaying any such action and the court recognized this as a factor in the case brought by the plaintiffs. They "tabled" the case meaning they keep jurisdiction over this matter and could force the DEA in the future if they play their usual "ignore it" game.


The Tragic Flaw of Medical Cannabis

"Edibles" is the catch all word for orally administered cannabis. Orally administered cannabis is different from inhaled cannabis in ways that give it certain advantages such as increased potency and a longer duration of effect. It also has some disadvantages which can make it a bit difficult to use..


Wrong Strain Right

One of the most frequently asked questions about using medical cannabis involves that of patient gun rights. Although I am not an attorney, my impressions from reading about this issue follow.

The photograph below is of the Firearms Transaction Record form 4473. Guns purchased from a licensed dealer can only be sold after this form is submitted and it must be answered truthfully and fully or you will face the penalty of perjury.


Entourage Effect

As a patient researching medical medical cannabis, you have certainly read of the entourage effect. If you have used cannabis, you have probably noticed the differences in symptom control, side effects and generally how cannabis makes you feel when using different strains. Why does one strain with 17% THC and 0.5% CBD affect you differently than a different strain having the same labeled cannabinoid percentages? There is obviously something else going on here.


Veterans and Medical Cananbis

Over the last several months, I have seen that veterans of our armed forces in my regular practice as well as for consultation for medical cannabis have been hearing conflicting information from the VA as well as some of the medical "providers" treating them there. Some have been told they are forbidden from using medical cannabis. They will lose benefits if they use medical cannabis. The VA won't treat them if they use medical cannabis...