Lemon Star Haze- THCA 17.85. THC 0.75%. CBDA 0.04%. CBD 0.22%. CBGA 0.82%. CBG 0.07%. THCV 0.18%. ∆8-THC 0.185. LABEL TOTALS: THC 16.3% CBD 0.26%. The terpene profile for this strain is β-caryophyllene dominant with with β-humulene secondary.

The cannabinoid mix in Lemon Star Haze appears to make it an excellent all around medication for a variety of conditions. The terpene profile and good THC levels with some CBD and good CBG suggest it as an effective remedy for those with arthritis, inflammatory conditions, nerve pain and neurodegenerative conditions. The TCHV should counter some of the THC psychoactive effects. The ∆8-THC is an excellent anti- nausea drug around 200 times more potent than THC’s anti-nausea effects and makes Lemon Star Haze an excellent choice for treating this symptom.