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Medical Cannabis: Information for Patients

An educational presentation available for my patients to view prior to our medical cannabis consultation.

PTSD episode 1: An Introduction into using Cannabis

I would like to thank you for tuning into CannabisExepertMD Videos. This will be the first video in a series of PTSD videos.

CannabisExpertMD PTSD Series Part 2-Night Terrors

This is part 2 of the PTSD Series. In this I will tell you how to deal with sleep problems that are common in PTSD. Hopefull this will help you get more restfull nights.

CannabisExpertMD PTSD Series Part 3: Panic Attacks

CannabisExpertMD PTSD Series Part 4: Baseline Anxiety and Depression.

DEA threatens CBD

Making MCT Oil Tincture with CannabisExpertMD

Full Spectrum CBD vs Hemp

Can Cannabis Help with Depression

Why are my 10mg Gummies only 9.2