AK-47 RAW Cartridge – Natural State Medicinals

THCA 1.21%. THC 82%. CBDA 0%. CBD 0.31%. LABEL TOTALS: THC 83% 830mg/ml. CBD 0.31% 3.1mg/ml. No terpene analysis is provided. If I recall correctly, the NSM production methods reintroduce any terpenes fractionated off in the concentration process. AK-47 is typically humulene and caryophyllene dominant. The THC and caryophyllene combination make it a non-sedating but

Giesel RAW Cartridge – Natural State Medicinals

THCA 0.60%. THC 76%. CBDA 0%. CBD 0.195%. LABEL TOTALS: THC 77% 770mg/ml. CBD 0.195% 1.95 mg/ml. There is no terpene analysis and little historical information available. Best guess by seed lineage is myrcene and/or β-caryophyllene dominance. Should work for conditions and situations as the AK-47 suggestions but possibly more sedating/relaxing.