Apple Sherbet

THCA 22%. THC1.09%. CBDA 0.104%. CBD 0.047%. CBGA 1.0%. CBG 0%. LABEL TOTALS: THC 18.6% CBD 0.125%. Terpene analysis unavailable. A rare strain with little historical terpene information available. By seed lineage I would expect it to be limonene and caryophyllene dominant. A potent THC strain with a high CBG level it is likely a

Z7- Bold Cultivation

Z7- THCA 10.1%. THC 0.76%. CBDA 13.4%. CBD 0.24%. CBGA 0.37%. CBG 0.33%. CBC 0.32%. THCV 0.173%. LABEL TOTALS THC 9.5% CBD 12.0%. The cannabinoid profile for Z7 shows it to be a solid choice for a wide variety of medical cannabis patients. Terpene analysis shows a strong myrcene dominance which can help decrease baseline

Wedding Cake- Bold Cultivation

Wedding Cake- THCA 19.0%. THC 1.50%. CBDA 0.085%. CBD 0%. CBGA 0.54%. LABEL TOTALS: THC 16.3% CBD 0.067%. The cannabinoid profile demonstrates a THC dominant strain with trace CBD and a good showing of CBG. No terpene analysis was performed. Previous labs on this strain show caryophyllene dominance with myrcene and humulene as secondaries. This

Super Skunk- Natural State Medicinals

Super Skunk- THCA 15.1%. THC 0.66%. CBDA 0.052%. CBD 0%. LABEL TOTALS: THC 12.5% CBD 0.041%. Extended cannabinoid and terpene profiles are unavailable and recommendations are limited without this data. Historically this strain shows myrcene, caryophyllene and pinene dominance. Primarily THC with little CBD on the cannabinoid profile, Super Skunk should be effective for patients

Strawberry Guava- Bold Cultivation

Strawberry Guava- THCA 18.3%. THC 0.99%. CBDA 0.062%. CBD 0.107%. CBC 0.114%. CBGA 0.32%. CBG 0.102%. LABEL TOTALS: THC 15.1% CBD 0.143%. This strain is THC dominant with trace CBD but a good showing of CBG and some CBC. Terpene analysis is unavailable. Limonene and caryophyllene are typically reported as dominant in Strawberry Guava. Likely

Strawberry Cough- Natural State Medicinals

Strawberry Cough- THCA 20%. THC 1.25%. CBDA 0.075%. CBD 0%. CBC 0.28% CBGA 0.57%. CBG 0%. CBN 0.072%. LABEL TOTALS: THC 16.9% CBD 0.058%. A low CBD strain with CBG and CBC showing in the extended cannabinoid analysis. No terpene analysis is available but this strain is usually pinene dominant. It should not be very

Sour Tangie- Natural State Medicinals

Sour Tangie- THCA 20%. THC 0.46%. CBDA 0.04%. CBD 0%. LABEL TOTALS: THC 16.5% CBD 0.032%. Extended cannabinoid and terpene analysis unavailable. THC with only trace CBD in this strain. The lack of an extended cannabinoid profile somewhat limits recommendations. The terpenes historically present in this strain show it to be terpinolene dominant with significant

Sour Diesel- Osage Creek Cultivation

Sour Diesel- THCA 18.9%. THC 2.2%. CBDA 0.061%. CBD 0.179%. CBGA 0.40%. CBG 0%. CBN 0.042%. LABEL TOTALS: THC 16.8% CBD 0.21%. This is a THC dominant strain with CBG, little CBD and CBN. Unfortunately, the terpene analysis is again omitted. This strain’s historical terpene profile shows linalool and limonene predominance. I would expect this

Skunkberry- Bold Cultivation

Skunkberry-THCA 18.8%. THC 1.29%. CBDA 0.078%. CBD 0.083%. CBGA 0.127%. CBG 0.074%. LABEL TOTALS: THC 15.8% CBD 0.135% THC dominant with trace CBD and a showing of CBG this strain has no terpene analysis. Historical strain information shows myrcene, caryophyllene dominance and sometimes pinene and linalool as secondary terpenes. This strain is likely good for

S’mores- Bold Cultivation

S’mores- THCA 14.1%. THC 1.12%. CBDA 0.049%. CBD 0.62%. CBGA 0.106%. CBG 0%. CBC 0.098%. LABEL TOTALS: THC 11.8% CBD 0.62%. A THC dominant strain with CBG and CBG, no terpene profile is available. There are no historical terpene data but seed lineage, Girl Scout Cookie x Gorilla Glue, suggests a sedating strain good for