Lemon Star Haze Distillate – Bold Cultivation

THCA 6.1 mg/g. THC 660 mg/g. CBDA not detected. CBD 4.3 mg/g.LABEL TOTALS: THC 66% CBD 0.43%. Fully decarboxylated, distillates can be used in a variety of ways including direct application to mucous membranes, added to already made edibles, used in making edibles, capsules, topical applications or vaporized. Usually recommended for patients requiring very high

LCHD062119 Distillate – Bold Cultivation

THCA 0 mg/g. THC 740 mg/g. CBDA 0mg/g. CBD 49 mg/g. CBC 14.4 mg/g. CBG 15.3 mg/g. CBN 3.7 mg/g. THCV 9.8 mg/g. This distillate is obviously a combination of multiple strains. The combination has resulted in a cannabinoid profile which makes it an excellent choice for brain cancer and neurological degenerative conditions, severe arthritis