Ganja, the ancient word for Cannabis

The word “Ganja” is an ancient term for Cannabis. Despite being used as slang in the United States, the word “Ganja” comes from Vedic Sanskrit and refers to a potent preparation of Cannabis. Specifically, “Ganja” only refers to the flower of the Cannabis plant, while “charas” refers to the resin and “Bhang,” which is prepared

Interview with Tisha from Core Wellness

Hello there! We are delighted to bring you another insightful interview featuring Core Wellness. Our guide, Tisha Kelly, will provide us with a comprehensive overview of the natural treatments they offer. If you are interested in learning more about their services, you can find their website here: https://www.corewellnessusa.com.

How do i find the Certificate of Analysis on a product?

If you’re looking for the Certificate of Analysis of a cannabis product, there are a few ways to find it. The easiest way is to scan the QR code that comes with the product. Alternatively, you can look for it online as many businesses have it listed on their websites.It’s important to ensure that the

Germany Legalizes Recreational Cannabis.

Germany has legalized recreational cannabis for adults aged 18 and older. People will be able to have small amounts of cannabis for personal use, as well as the option to grow a small number of plants. It will also be regulated by requiring people using cannabis to be a certain distance from public zones and

The Crusades and Cannabis

One of the most significant events for the Western use of cannabis appears to stem from the Crusader era. We are excited to explain why this is the case. Many crusaders came from the far western and northern parts of Europe. These include the modern countries of the UK, Ireland, France, Belgium, and Germany, among

Exciting news from Pure Pharma Labs

We are excited to bring you an interview with Chris from Pure Pharma Labs. Chris and Pure Pharma Labs are creating many exciting products for Arkansas. Originally from Colorado, Chris is now in Arkansas and is helping to grow the cannabis industry at home in the Natural State.

Inhalation as a Method for Medical Cannabis Administration

Inhaling medical cannabis remains a highly favored method among users, largely because of the rapid onset of effects that can be finely adjusted by the user through small, easily managed doses. This quick action is particularly beneficial for addressing sudden symptoms, making inhalation an ideal choice for immediate relief. While vape cartridges and concentrates are

Saint Patricks Day: Beer and Cannabis

Today, we have a special Saint Patrick’s Day video prepared for you. You might be wondering what cannabis has to do with beer. Well, it’s interesting to note that cannabis and hops, a key ingredient in beer, are closely related. Let’s explore this connection and uncover how these botanical cousins share more than just a