Cannabis In Medieval Egypt

Cannabis Facts and HistoryCannabis in Medieval EgyptCannabis in the form of hashish was used in Medieval Egypt quite extensively, with varying laws and rules in how it was enforced. Many of the pro-cannabis users thought of it as a recreational pastime, as well as physicians who saw the benefits of the plant. The anti-cannabis views

Cannabis Facts and Questions: Is it legal to take Cannabis on a plane?

According to Federal Law, Cannabis is still illegal. While a very low priority, the TSA can confiscate your Cannabis and may contact your local authorities. Being on a plane with Cannabis could get you into trouble with the Federal law which often carry severe penalties, although it is unlikely. Overall, it is best to avoid


Insomnia is a very common issue for many patients with an estimated 50 to 70 million Americans experiencing chronic symptoms. It causes issues hindering daily functioning and adversely affects health and longevity. Symptoms include one or more of the following: excessive daytime sleepiness, difficulty in falling or staying asleep, poor quality (not restful) sleep, early

Halloween Special

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Vets and Cannabis

Over the last several months, I have seen that veterans of our armed forces in my regular practice as well as for consultation for medical cannabis have been hearing conflicting information from the VA as well as some of the medical “providers” treating them there. Some have been told they are forbidden from using medical

The Entourage Effect

As a patient researching medical medical cannabis, you have certainly read of the entourage effect. If you have used cannabis, you have probably noticed the differences in symptom control, side effects and generally how cannabis makes you feel when using different strains. Why does one strain with 17% THC and 0.5% CBD affect you differently

Wrong Strain Right

With all recent reports of lung disease and several deaths and more than 450 hospitalizations attributed to vaping, I thought it was time to give an opinion on the subject.  Vape Studies  Vape products for smokers as an alternative nicotine source has been around since 2004, starting in China and spreading throughout Europe and the

The Tragic Flaw of Medical Cannabis

Hamartia is a Greek word, translating “to miss the mark, or err,” in Christianity and archery it means “to sin.” The last time most of us heard the term was likely in school, reading the classic Greek tragedies. Often, the character’s most compelling virtue is their most tragic flaw. In The Bible, Sampson’s long hair