Germany Legalizes Recreational Cannabis.

Germany has legalized recreational cannabis for adults aged 18 and older. People will be able to have small amounts of cannabis for personal use, as well as the option to grow a small number of plants. It will also be regulated by requiring people using cannabis to be a certain distance from public zones and

The Crusades and Cannabis

One of the most significant events for the Western use of cannabis appears to stem from the Crusader era. We are excited to explain why this is the case. Many crusaders came from the far western and northern parts of Europe. These include the modern countries of the UK, Ireland, France, Belgium, and Germany, among

Exciting news from Pure Pharma Labs

We are excited to bring you an interview with Chris from Pure Pharma Labs. Chris and Pure Pharma Labs are creating many exciting products for Arkansas. Originally from Colorado, Chris is now in Arkansas and is helping to grow the cannabis industry at home in the Natural State.

Inhalation as a Method for Medical Cannabis Administration

Inhaling medical cannabis remains a highly favored method among users, largely because of the rapid onset of effects that can be finely adjusted by the user through small, easily managed doses. This quick action is particularly beneficial for addressing sudden symptoms, making inhalation an ideal choice for immediate relief. While vape cartridges and concentrates are

Saint Patricks Day: Beer and Cannabis

Today, we have a special Saint Patrick’s Day video prepared for you. You might be wondering what cannabis has to do with beer. Well, it’s interesting to note that cannabis and hops, a key ingredient in beer, are closely related. Let’s explore this connection and uncover how these botanical cousins share more than just a

Interview with the Natural State Cannashop

Today we are brining you an interview with Cindy from the Natural State Cannashop! We were able to get lots of footage of their products, this is just a small selection of what is available in the store!

When is the first recorded use of people ingesting Cannabis?

The first reliable source comes from the Atharvaveda in the Indian subcontinent. Written from 1200 – 900 A.D., it lists Cannabis as one of the five sacred plants. In China, however, it is claimed that the “Green Emperor” Shenong was the first man to use it. He is also credited with inventing agriculture. Shenong seems

Medical Cannabis Minute Neck Pain

Hey there, fellow enthusiasts! Welcome back to our speedy yet fascinating dive into the world of medical cannabis. Today, we’re shining a spotlight on the all-too-relatable woe: neck pain. Get ready to explore how this green miracle of medical cannabis might just be the superhero your neck needs!

“Unveiling the Vape Conundrum: Dealing with Clogged Cartridges”

Venturing into the realm of inhaled cannabis concentrates, vape cartridges stand out as a discreet, user-friendly, and popular choice among patients. However, any vape aficionado knows the pesky issue that sometimes plagues these handy cartridges – clogs. Here’s a sneak peek into some tips that can be a game-changer in steering clear of this problem.