In many parts of Africa, cannabis remained largely unknown and wasn’t commonly used. Yet, exceptions existed in specific regions that held significant historical ties to the plant. The northern regions, particularly those connected to the Mediterranean Sea, boasted a strong and enduring relationship with cannabis, attributed to extensive trade with Asia and the Middle East.

However, the most captivating narrative emerges from Ethiopia. This unique African corner has unveiled evidence dating back approximately 200 years before Columbus’s era. Unearthed artifacts, including ancient bongs and water pipes carrying traces of cannabis residue, represent an exceptionally rare discovery. This revelation suggests that Ethiopians embraced smoking practices long before much of the world comprehended such methods. While the rest of the world awaited the introduction to smoking by Native Americans, Ethiopia had already begun this cultural practice centuries earlier0

.Additionally, here’s an insight into the AuthaGraph world map. This map demonstrates reduced distortion around the poles, providing a more accurate representation of Africa’s actual size and geographic expanse.”