Papa Kush- Osage Creek Cultivation- THCA 18.3%. THC 3.9%. CBDA 0.038%. CBD 0.144%. CBGA 0.33%. CBG 0%. CBN 0.051%. LABEL TOTALS: THC 17.7% CBD 0.158%. LABEL TOTALS: THC 17.7% CBD 0.158%.

THC dominant with CBG and trace CBD show in the Papa Kush analysis. No terpene profile was performed and there is little historical information. Looking at seed lineage (Skywalker OG x OG Kush), I would anticipate myrcene, β- caryophyllene and possibly linalool as the most prominent terpenes. This is a likely a relaxing and somewhat sedating strain useful for patients with muscle spasms, arthritis, depression and neurodegenerative conditions.