Where does the word Marijuana come from?

Where does the word Marijuana come from? “Marihuana” or “Mariguana” are words from Mexican Spanish that have been used for a long time. We haven’t discovered precisely when its usage started in Mexico, but some believe it originally came from African slaves. Its first recorded version of the English use of the word is in

Hemp during the “Great Northern War”

Cannabis Facts and HistoryHemp during the “Great Northern War”During the Great Northern War, mainly between Sweden and Russia 1700–1721 saw the emergence of Russia as a great European power. Many talk about the alliances and battles that decided the outcome, however very rarely is hemp mentioned.Both Sweden and Russia (at this time known as the

Could cannabis survive an apocalypse?

It seems like to would, the Svalbard seed vault in Norway currently has around 21,000 cannabis seeds of different strains. However, only certain people can get into the vault while being in a remote location.

Medical Cannabis Minute: LIMONENE

In today’s Medical Cannabis Minute we are going to discuss Mr. Producer’s favorite terpene, Limonene. This citrusy terpene has many profound effects on your Cannabis. We would also like to hear if you enjoy eating citrus fruit with Cannabis.

Hemp Rolls

Today we have something different for you, our producer Sam is going to review the fantastic Hemp Rolls product. We wanted to try a different style of review, making this one compact. Feel free to let us know what you think. You can find hemp rolls here https://hemp-rolls.com/

Smoking Marijuana and Lung Health

Today we are going to talk about Cannabis and lung health. Many assume it’s just as bad as cigarettes and can cause cancer and Emphysema, found out the truth in this Video!

Smoking vs Dry Herb Vaporizers

The inhalation route of administration is probably still the most popular way to use medical cannabis. The fast onset of effects after a single inhalation makes it easy and intuitive for patients to titrate small doses over a short time and adequately treat their symptoms.This also makes inhalation the preferred route for treating acute symptoms.