When is the first recorded use of people ingesting Cannabis?

The first reliable source comes from the Atharvaveda in the Indian subcontinent. Written from 1200 – 900 A.D., it lists Cannabis as one of the five sacred plants. In China, however, it is claimed that the “Green Emperor” Shenong was the first man to use it. He is also credited with inventing agriculture. Shenong seems

Medical Cannabis Minute Neck Pain

Hey there, fellow enthusiasts! Welcome back to our speedy yet fascinating dive into the world of medical cannabis. Today, we’re shining a spotlight on the all-too-relatable woe: neck pain. Get ready to explore how this green miracle of medical cannabis might just be the superhero your neck needs!

“Unveiling the Vape Conundrum: Dealing with Clogged Cartridges”

Venturing into the realm of inhaled cannabis concentrates, vape cartridges stand out as a discreet, user-friendly, and popular choice among patients. However, any vape aficionado knows the pesky issue that sometimes plagues these handy cartridges – clogs. Here’s a sneak peek into some tips that can be a game-changer in steering clear of this problem.

“Did cannabis have a widespread presence in pre-colonial Africa?

In many parts of Africa, cannabis remained largely unknown and wasn’t commonly used. Yet, exceptions existed in specific regions that held significant historical ties to the plant. The northern regions, particularly those connected to the Mediterranean Sea, boasted a strong and enduring relationship with cannabis, attributed to extensive trade with Asia and the Middle East.

Medical Cannabis Minute: Lower Back Pain

In the captivating world of cannabis exploration, journey with Dr. Nichol as he unravels the tantalizing possibilities that this extraordinary plant holds. In this Medical Cannabis Minute, we dive headfirst into the enchanting realm of cannabis therapy to address a ubiquitous and often debilitating concern – the relentless specter of lower back pain. Join us

Cannabis Edibles- Quick Start

Edibles, cannabis-infused foods, and beverages are becoming an increasingly popular way for patients to use medical cannabis. Orally administered cannabis is different from inhaled cannabis, and it is important to consider these differences. Edibles have certain advantages such as increased potency and a longer duration of effect; however, they are also more difficult to dose

CBD and the potential to treat Opioid Overdoses

The increased abuse of opioid drugs and the developments of cheap, inexpensive, very potent synthetic opioids like fentanyl, which accounts 80% of all overdose deaths, have made the “opioid epidemic” an issue which has touched far too many family’s lives. Naloxone (Narcan) is a drug which reverses opioid respiratory depression effects. It accomplishes this by