Is Secondhand Water Pipe Cannabis Smoke Worse Than Tobacco Smoke?

An article published in the JAMA Network Open website on March 30, 2020 has been receiving a lot of interest lately. The article, titled “Fine Particulate Matter Exposure From Secondhand Cannabis Bong Smoking” [ https://jamanetwork.com/…/jamanetwo…/fullarticle/2790510] examines the question. Secondhand tobacco smoke (SHTS) has been implicated as a causal link to cancer, respiratory and cardiovascular diseases,

Biggest Blunt Ever Smoked

Famous American Rapper B-Real smoked the largest blunt, weighing in at 5 pounds! Well, he didn’t smoke it all by himself, it was passed around the crowed that night to celebrate the 10th CHR anniversary!

Did Shakespeare use Cannabis?

When excavating Shakespeares old garden, pipe fragments were found. Testing of these pipes showed Cannabis residue on them. Many say that Shakespeare didn’t use Cannabis because it was uncommon among Europeans at the time. With Shakespeare’s connections with the nobility and rich traders, it is very possible that he heard of the recreational and religious

Cannabis and Blood Pressure

Today we will be answering a question from you, our viewers. Preston asks “I’m having problems with high blood pressure. Any suggestions?” We will explain how to get good results for high blood pressure.

When Did Cannabis Start to be Smoked?

Cannabis was inhaled in ancient world by placing it in incense burners, we have also found a 700 year old pipe from Ethiopia. However inhaling smoke from the mouth into the lungs was very rare in the old world until after Europeans came to America and picked up the habit of smoking tobacco from Native